How to reach Kedarnath: Distances from Various Cities

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“Kedarnath ke yeh mandir ki seediyan… insaan ko sachchaai ki aur le jaati hai.”

Distances from Various Cities

Let’s delve into the distances from various cities to Kedarnath, shedding light on the diverse routes and experiences each journey offers.

1. Chandigarh to Kedarnath: ~440 km

Starting our journey from Chandigarh, the approximate distance to Kedarnath is around 440 kilometers. This route typically involves traversing through the picturesque landscapes of Uttarakhand, passing through towns and villages that offer glimpses into the local life and culture.

2. Rampur to Kedarnath: ~330 km

Rampur, a town situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, provides another starting point for the pilgrimage to Kedarnath, approximately 330 kilometers away. This route offers a blend of mountainous terrain and serene valleys, making the journey both challenging and enchanting.

3. Chopta to Kedarnath: ~90 km

For those seeking a shorter route, Chopta serves as an ideal starting point with a distance of approximately 90 kilometers to Kedarnath. The road from Chopta to Kedarnath offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks and dense forests, providing a unique and memorable journey for pilgrims and travelers alike.

4. Gangotri to Kedarnath (via Joshimath): ~340 km

Gangotri, a revered pilgrimage site situated on the banks of the river Ganges, is not directly accessible by road to Kedarnath. However, the approximate distance via Joshimath is around 340 kilometers. This route takes travelers through some of the most scenic landscapes of Uttarakhand, including lush green valleys and snow-capped peaks.

5. Hyderabad to Kedarnath: ~1900 km

Embarking on the journey from Hyderabad, pilgrims and travelers cover a distance of approximately 1900 kilometers to reach Kedarnath. While this journey involves a significant distance, it offers an opportunity to witness the diverse landscapes and cultures as one travels through different regions of India.

6. Mumbai to Kedarnath: ~1900 km

Similarly, the distance from Mumbai to Kedarnath is approximately 1900 kilometers. Despite the long journey, pilgrims from Mumbai embark on this sacred pilgrimage, drawn by the spiritual aura and natural beauty of Kedarnath and its surroundings.

Other distance

The distance from Chandigarh to Kedarnath is approximately 450-500 kilometers by road, and it takes around 12-14 hours to cover this distance depending on the route and mode of transportation.

The distance from Rampur to Kedarnath is approximately 350 kilometers, and it usually takes around 10-12 hours by road.

Chopta to Kedarnath distance is around 20-25 kilometers, and it takes about 1 hour to travel by road.

Kedarnath to Kailash Parvat distance is around 16 kilometers, which might take around 7-8 hours to trek.

The distance from Pune to Kedarnath is approximately 1,800-1,900 kilometers by road, and it usually takes around 35-40 hours to cover this distance depending on the route and mode of transportation.

The distance from Kedarnath to Amarnath is approximately 400-450 kilometers, and there are no direct roads between the two; hence, the journey might involve multiple modes of transportation and could take several days.

To reach Kedarnath from Chandigarh, you can travel by road or rail to nearby cities like Haridwar or Rishikesh, and then continue the journey to Kedarnath by road. Alternatively, you can also travel by air to Dehradun or Jolly Grant Airport and then proceed to Kedarnath by road.

From To Distance (Approx.)
Chandigarh Kedarnath ~440 km
Rampur Kedarnath ~330 km
Chopta Kedarnath ~90 km
Gangotri Kedarnath (Route) Not directly accessible by road. distance via Joshimath is ~340 km.
Hyderabad Kedarnath ~1900 km
Mumbai Kedarnath ~1900 km

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